Nobody gets to live life backwards.

Look ahead, that is where the future lies.

~ Ann Landers

harnessing the best of the best & a uniquely South African desire to really make a difference

Look ahead, that is where the future lies
South Africa is opening up its borders to international competition, to people from around the world and South African businesses are becoming globally competitive. Our ability to facilitate international payments efficiently and effectively is becoming critical if we are to succeed.

We are opening our doors to partner with clients and move money across borders better than ever before.

We are DYNAMIC – we are not socks, one size doesn’t fit all and we pride ourselves on being flexible and open to negotiate If you want more than just the standard offering why not give Secure FX a chance. We don’t tick boxes and we don’t have only 1 option. We listen, we understand and we find a solution that works for you. A solution that includes the right price, the right information and also the right time to ensure your money gets to where it needs to be – on time and with the maximum value.

We’re the AUTHORITY – we have experience, skills, and direct connections and we’re not afraid to fight in your corner.

Our business is built on our obsession to exceed expectations, to under promise and over deliver. Our aim is to ensure every client wins. Attention to detail and a total understanding of the South African market means we are able to time transactions, process paperwork, obtain SARB and SARS approvals -quicker and better, making the overall experience one that you would be happy to share with a friend – for all the right reasons.

We PROTECT your money and your information – trust, security, privacy and transparency are 4 foundations in our business.We know how hard you’ve worked for your money and we value that above all else. Security of your funds and personal information is our number 1 priority. We safeguard all your information according to international best practices and monitor all transactions closely. From the initial discussion right through till after the funds have been safely deposited in your beneficiary account. We treat your money as if it were our own.

Secure FX,

Moving Money Across South Africa’s Borders.

Our Guarantee

If you want to make an international payment or receive money from abroad, make the one call that will ensure you are working with the best.

Call Secure FX today and let our specialists help you navigate what, without us, could become a rather cumbersome, difficult and costly exercise.


Best rates, 0% commissions & no hidden fees.


All transactions are processed in your own name from your own account.


Complimentary preparation & submission of tax clearances & SARB applications.


SPOT, next day, forward contracts.


Stop & limit orders available.


SOLUTIONS – that’s what makes us famous...

“Secure FX recently launched in South Africa,

harnessing the best of the best and rallying behind the call.”

~ Thuma Mina


Service Offering

If you’ve experienced hassles moving money out of South Africa, then Secure FX is the partner for you.

Our team of the best exchange control, legal, tax, business strategy and financial planning minds are working together to make a difference. We pride ourselves in first class service, transparency and solutions to meet your specific needs. Over 50 years of experience and established relationships with key industry stakeholders make us unique – no challenge is too big!

If you need to move money into or out of South Africa, as a business or an individual, give us a call and let us make it happen for you.

How We Work



Send us your details – one of the team will make contact and find out exactly what you need



Register online, easy and with no obligation


Secure FX will

  • Open a trading account in your name so that you can transact
  • Ensure all the necessary approvals are in place (SARS, SARB and Excon)
  • Negotiate the best possible rate given your time frame



Once you confirm the rate, you simply transfer the funds into your trading account



On value date, Secure FX will ensure the funds are received by your beneficiary and communicate with you throughout the process

Contact us

39 Tokai Rd, Kirstenhof, Cape Town, 7945

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